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Product Information

Raised Markers

Azuma's raised markers and road studs with high strength and durability

Raised markers (chatter bars) are safety equipment that prevent vehicles from straying into other lanes, which could cause a head-on collision, by visual guidance using reflective materials and physical vibration if the markers are run over. Road studs are small raised markers suitable for narrow roads, etc. where it is difficult to install regular raised markers. Also, they can be installed on curbs and center medians to clearly indicate the road lines and prompt drivers to drive safely.
Azuma's products have excellent strength and durability and are highly effective under various road conditions.

M-shaped Chatter Bars
These products employ an M-shaped profile, which is resistant to loads from above, and their parallel edge lines at the top have excellent visibility.
Swareflex reflective materials, which have excellent retroreflective properties, are used.
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Road Studs
Raised markers suitable for narrow roads.
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Markers for Curbs
Reflectors installed on curbs and center medians.
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Reflectors for Curbs
Protruding reflectors installed on curbs.
Their protruding shape makes them stand out so they are very eye-catching from vehicles as well as to pedestrians and bicycles.
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Product Information
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Quality Certification

We were certified by ISO9001, an international standard for quality management systems, in October 2002.

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