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Azuma's self-luminous products that guide drivers correctly with their high visibility

Azuma's self-luminous products use high-brightness LEDs as a light source. They are very visible from a distance and can maintain their brightness for a long time. They are also economical as they have low power consumption. We provide many different kinds of solar power sources in addition to commercial power sources, enabling customers to select the most appropriate one for each application and installation location. Azuma's self-luminous products, which exert overwhelming effects not only during the day, but also at night and in adverse weather conditions when accidents can occur frequently, contribute greatly to safety and happiness in any automobile society.

Road Line Safety Posts
Products with high-brightness LEDs placed by considering visibility indicate the road lines clearly without relying on the streetlights.
We offer a series that can flash for 24 hours using solar power, a series that can flash simultaneously or alternately by using GPS or the radio waves of Japan Standard Time, among others.
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Display Boards
We support various applications and installation locations with a rich product lineup, from small to large boards and highly functional boards that can be controlled remotely.
They can be linked with sensors such as temperature sensors, vehicle detection sensors, and flood sensors.
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Temperature Display Panels
These products accurately display the temperature by using a temperature sensor that has been tested by the Japan Meteorological Agency and a high-accuracy temperature converter.
We provide a solar-powered model and an externally-powered model.
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Snow Poles
These products employ high-brightness LEDs and our original lamp covers to realize visibility superior to that of conventional products, which allows road lines to be indicated in snow-covered areas where it is hard to identify the lines.
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Self-luminous Road Signs
Self-luminous road signs are suitable for places where conventional non-self-luminous road signs are not visible and may not be recognized. We also offer products that detect vehicles by using an optical sensor, and control flashing.
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Self-luminous Raised Markers
Solar powered and easy to install. Because they are designed for efficient visibility and protrude from the ground by only a small amount, the shock from when they are run over is minimized. We offer models for curbs and intersections.
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Self-luminous Road Tacks
These products are installed on curbs to prevent vehicles from running onto them. By using high-brightness LEDs, their visibility is improved compared to conventional products.
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Self-luminous Safety Posts
Safety posts with small PV modules and illuminated part are easy to install. We offer many different models that use a double-layer condenser as a storage capacitor and are maintenance free for a long time.
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Revolving Warning Lights
These products are visible from 360 degrees and ensure the indication of danger at night. Using high-brightness LEDs as light emitting materials and employing an electronic control method that does not require mechanical movement means there is no need to worry about light bulbs blowing out or motor failure.
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Obstruction Warning Lights
These products are installed on dividing strips, split points, and junctions to reduce accidents at such dangerous places. We offer solar power generation types that can illuminate for 24 hours, which is helpful for safety not only at night but also during the day.
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Quality Certification

We were certified by ISO9001, an international standard for quality management systems, in October 2002.

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