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Azuma's photovoltaic modules focus on weather resistance and durability

Renewable energy, such as sunlight, is drawing attention as an alternative to oil and nuclear power.
Azuma has been involved in the development of products using photovoltaic modules from early on. Azuma's photovoltaic modules have excellent weather resistance and durability as they have been designed in consideration of Japan's severe natural environment.

GSF Series
Monocrystalline silicon and glass module models
We provide small PV modules from 5 to 140 W as standard products.

FBF Series
Monocrystalline silicon and resin module models (bifacial solar cells)
By mounting bifacial solar cells as a module on the resin substrate with a LED illumination area and circuits, these products can obtain high conversion efficiency when installed vertically.

WBC Series
Monocrystalline silicon and potting models
Small resin-filled modules from 0.24 to 1.5 W.

FSE Series
Monocrystalline silicon and resin panel module models
Small PV modules for LED self-illumination from 0.24 to 1.1 W.
Product Information
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Quality Certification

We were certified by ISO9001, an international standard for quality management systems, in October 2002.

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