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Product Information

Charge and Discharge Controllers


PWM + Original Technologies
Batteries are charged optimally by using solar generated power as a result of PWM and our own technologies.
Automatic Battery Voltage Selection
The battery voltage (12 V/24 V) is selected automatically.
* Use a sealed lead-acid battery.
Supported PV Modules
When the rated input voltage is 70 V and the current is 10 A/20 A or less, monocrystalline, multicrystalline, and CIS (CISG) PV modules can be used.
* The operation of other PV modules is not guaranteed. Please contact us.
Built-in Test Mode
In test mode, the operation is performed with the timer setting of 1 hour shortened to 6 seconds.
Voltage Setting for Adjusting Load Timing at Sundown
It is possible to configure a load output starting time according to the installation location. (Dusk-to-dawn/for a few hours to several hours) (15 types can be set.)
Protection Function
The product is protected by over-charge, over-discharge, and backward current protection circuits and burnout prevention fuse.
DC Inputs
Batteries can be charged by connecting a switching power supply.
* The operation of power supplies other than the recommended ones is not guaranteed.
Outputs for 16 Types
The built-in microcomputer has 16 types of the output settings.
Two types (output duty) of light adjustment function (25%/50%) are provided.
Product Lineup
Model No. SEE-07
Rated (A) 20
PV rated input voltage (V) Max. 60
Output setting types 16
Light adjustment output (duty output)
Output test mode
Voltage setting change (15 types) for adjusting load timing at sundown
DC inputs
Automatic battery voltage selection
PWM + original technologies
Protection function
Supported PV modules (within rated values)

Product Information
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