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About This Site

Recommended Environment

We recommend the following environment for viewing our site.

Browser (*1)
- Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or later
- Firefox 3.0 or later
- Safari 4.0 or later
JavaScript (*2)
- Enabled

*1: When viewed in a browser other than the recommended ones, some of the pages may not be displayed correctly.
*2: When disabled, some content and navigation buttons may not be displayed correctly.

About Plug-in Software

This site provides content using videos, PDFs, and so on for comfortable viewing. When viewing our content, we recommend that you prepare the following plug-in software.

Browser plug-in: Adobe Flash Player ... Required to play Flash format files (free software).
Software: Adobe Reader ... Required to view PDF files (free software).

About Copyrights

All content on this website (text, images, and other information) are protected by the copyrights of Azuma Seisakusho Co., Ltd. unless otherwise explicitly specified.
Secondary use of the content on this website is prohibited without our approval.


We do not make any warranty as to the accuracy, integrity, safety, etc. of the content of this website.
We assume no responsibility for any damages, etc. arising from your use of the information on this website.
We also assume no responsibility for any damages, etc. arising from the information, etc. obtained from the other websites linked to from this website.
This site policy is subject to change without prior notice.
When the site policy is changed, it takes effect as of the moment it is posted to this website.

About Links

Although you can freely link to any page of our website including the main home page, we assume no responsibility for broken links, etc. caused by changed content.
However, links and actions from websites that satisfy any of the following conditions are prohibited.

  • Websites containing information that may be illegal
  • Websites containing defamation of companies or individuals
  • Websites containing information that damage our social trust
  • Websites containing defamation of companies or individuals
  • Websites that display a page of our website in a frame
  • Creating links to objects other than HTML files, such as images
  • Using our website for phishing

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