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What's New

Thank you for visiting PV EXPO 2019 in Osaka - Photovoltaic Power Generation Expo

We participated in PV EXPO 2019 Osaka (held on Sep.25-27) continuously from one in Tokyo.
Thank you for taking your time to visit us.
Our booth had more than 500 visitors out of 25,983 for three days to the Smart Energy Week.

Our exhibits were PV modules with high weather resistance and durability (made in Japan),
charge and discharge controllers with high-efficiency charging,
LED light and monitoring camera system with PV module and IoT system.
They were favourably received by the visitors.

We continue to make efforts in expanding our business and greatly appreciate your continued patronage.

What's New
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Quality Certification

We were certified by ISO9001, an international standard for quality management systems, in October 2002.

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