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Safety Posts

Azuma's safety posts support various kinds of road environments.

These safety posts, which properly guide drivers' eyes for safe driving, are essential in this automobile society. Azuma's safety posts have high visibility and material strength, as well as excellent resistance to corrosion, cold, and heat. In addition, most of the parts can be replaced; therefore they can be repaired rather inexpensively in the event of damage. We'd like to help you realize the ideal road environment with our safety posts.

φ80 and φ100 Series
Typical safety posts that use circular reflective materials of φ80 and φ100.
We offer products suitable for various installation places such as ground, guard rails, pipes, curbs, and walls.
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Large Delineators
Large safety posts that use large reflective panels for better visibility.
We offer products with reflective areas of φ150, 200, 300, oval 300, and a combination of φ100 and 150.
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Reflectors for Guard Rails
Installed on guard rails to indicate curves in the road.
We offer products with a black/white base color and a red/yellow reflective area.
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Reflective Arrow Sign Panels
Three-dimensional arrow-shaped safety posts that indicate the direction of travel for vehicles more vividly.
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Reflectors for Guard Pipes
A flexible and high-durability tarpaulin material is used for the main body and the reflective material is made of capsule prism, which is twice as bright as conventional products.
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"Swalight" Delineators
Long safety posts that use square reflective panels, whose areas are larger than those of circular panels. Alumite processing is performed on the main body, which is highly resistant to corrosion and makes them look good too.
We offer products with reflective material areas 58 mm and 90 mm wide.
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Road Warning Signs - Arrows
Arrow type safety posts installed at T-intersections or on curbed roads, etc. that indicate curves in the road.
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Reflective Warning Indicator Panels
Multifaceted reflective products installed in intersections and dividing strips, etc. that have high visibility from many different directions.
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Multi-type Reflectors
These reflectors can be used in various places such as on guard rails, curbs, and walls.
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"Post Wings" for Repairing and Expanding Reflective Area
Covering traffic lane markers realizes astonishing visibility.
The self-cleaning film on the surface of the markers gives them a long service life.
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Shock-absorbing Materials for Vehicle Collisions
Protectors for vehicles that use recycled urethane foam as shock-absorbing materials. They are installed in construction sites to prevent superfluous damage caused by vehicle crashes.
NETIS Registered Products (Registration No: TH-020040)
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Delineators for Aesthetic Purposes
Safety posts that conform to the "Guidelines for the Development of Aesthetic Safety Barriers" defined by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.
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Quality Certification

We were certified by ISO9001, an international standard for quality management systems, in October 2002.

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