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Product Information

Road Safety Products

We are responsible for the development of better road environments by using our rich experience and technological capabilities.

Azuma's road safety products have contributed to the development of safe road environments for many years. Azuma's road safety products not only use high-brightness reflective or light emitting materials, but also solar power generators to provide eco-friendly and aesthetic products that do not disturb beautiful streets and landscapes.

Self-luminous Products
A lot of our products use photovoltaic modules and feature high visibility by using eco-friendly, high-brightness LEDs.
Safety Posts
A rich lineup of products support safe driving in various kinds of road situations.
Road Studs and Markers
Their high visibility, strength, and safety lead drivers to drive safely.
Snow Poles
Safety posts especially for snow-covered areas. They are essential for safe driving on snowy roads.

Solar Power Generators

We are promoting the effective use of solar power generators.

Solar power generators have been used in the field of road safety products for many years. We are developing products that employ our experiences and technological capabilities in that field and we are promoting and disseminating more effective solar power generators.

Charge and Discharge Controllers
The controllers that effectively charge batteries with the power generated by PV modules.
Product Information
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